Solid North Transit Fares

Planning a trip from Manila to the scenic city of Baguio? Whether you’re a seasoned mountain traveler or a first-time adventurer, choosing the right bus can make all the difference. So, buckle up as we navigate the world of Manila-Baguio bus options and their corresponding prices!

Manila to Baguio:

  • Luxury: For budget-conscious travelers, Luxury buses are a great option. Expect to pay between PHP 600 and PHP 700 for a comfortable ride with standard amenities.
  • Super Deluxe W/CR: If you prefer more space and convenience, Super Deluxe buses are worth the extra splurge. Prices range from PHP 700 to PHP 800, and you’ll enjoy wider seats, legroom for stretching, and the comfort of an onboard toilet.

Baguio to Manila:

Prices for the return trip are similar, with Luxury buses ranging between PHP 600 and PHP 700 and Super Deluxe W/CR buses costing between PHP 700 and PHP 800.

PITX to Baguio:

Solid North Transit at PITX offers a convenient starting point. The bus fare for both Luxury and Super Deluxe W/CR options falls within the same range as the Manila-Baguio routes, from PHP 600 to PHP 800.

RouteBus ClassPrice Range
PITX– BaguioLuxuryPHP 600 – PHP 700+
PITX– BaguioSuper Deluxe W/CRPHP 700 – PHP 800+
Baguio – PITXSuper Deluxe W/CRPHP700 – PHP800+
Baguio – PITXLuxuryPHP600 – PHP700+
Cubao – BaguioLuxuryPHP 600 – PHP 700+
Cubao – BaguioSuper Deluxe W/CRPHP 700 – PHP 800+
Baguio – Cubao, ManilaSuper Deluxe W/CRPHP700 – PHP800+
Baguio – Cubao, ManilaLuxuryPHP600 – PHP700+
Solid North Transit Bus Fares Baguio